3D Printing and Prototype Material Options

3D printed PRESS


Strong and precise material for all types of 3D Printed Parts
  • Flexible and elastic
  • Good for parts that normally would be produced with silicon
  • Colors: Black, White, Gray, Standard custom colors – contact us with your color requests


For parts the you need to bend, stretch, compress and hold up repeated cycles without tearing
  • Most common material we use to print
  • Prints with a high level of detail
  • Smooth/flat finish
  • Can be primed and painted
  • Colors: Clear, Black
3D printed gears


Designed to withstand compression, stretching, bending and impacts without breaking
  • Good for strong sturdy parts that should not bend easily
  • Color: Dark Gray only

If you need a specific or specialized material not listed, please let us know, we have access to additional 3D printing materials.